Scout out new beauty products with fabulous iPhone apps!

Published November 2, 2012 by lalarukh36

Your iPhone is blooming with beauty apps to help you shake up your daily makeup, hair and nail routine. If you are looking for some beautiful inspiration on how to be more stylish without spending a lot of dough, check out these iPhone apps for some fabulous beauty insight.

DailyCandy Scout (Free)
The trendy e-newsletter DailyCandy released an iPhone app to help beauty addicts trade secrets. Got a to-die-for manicure that you want to share with the world? Take a picture and share with other beauty lovers with the free DailyCandy Scout app for iPhone. This fabulous app is a place for DailyCandy lovers to create a community for all things beauty and just plain,stylish fun. Use it to snap picks of your favorite new discoveries like a new funky hairstyle or favorite new eye shadow combination. Happy scouting!

The Color Genius for L’Oreal Paris (Free)
Do you always match your nail polish or lipstick to your outfits? Then we have the perfect free beauty app recommendation for you! Get The Color Genius for L’Oreal Paris iPhone app and simply snap a picture of your favorite dress and find the polish to match, blend, or clash with it. You can even alter looks by day or night.

Beautylish (Free)
Beauty addicts will love the free Beautylish iPhone app. It’s freshly stocked with makeup tips, nail trends, and hairstyle tutorials with innovative stories added on a daily basis. Before you shell out your hard earned cash on that expensive lip gloss, look it up in the Beautylish iPhone app to find out what other beauty lovers like you think about it. Browse hairstyle and makeup photos to find a fresh style for your next night out on the town. The Beautylish app is the perfect way to spruce up your makeup routine on a daily basis.

Bloom BeautyTrends (Free)
If you are addicted to browsing through beauty photos for inspiration then you will love the free Bloom BeautyTrends iPhone app. Browse skincare, hair, and more trends within this app including celebrity looks. Check out inspiration from real beauty professionals and read their recommendations right in this savvy beauty app. It’s a place for those who can’t get enough style inspiration to share with other like-minded beauty enthusiasts.

My Beauty Bible Premium ($2.99)
Did you check out all the free beauty iPhone apps above and still can’t get enough inspiration? Then get the My Beauty Bible Premium iPhone app that is full of video tutorials on creating fabulous hairstyles and fun nail art designs. This beauty app has step-by-step video instructions on how to create your favorite celebrity makeup looks. This app is a beauty junkie’s best friend!

I have all these apps in my iphone . Which ones do you have? xoxo


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